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Russell Jaffe has had the privilege of contributing to the "birth" of modern integrative medicine. He works from first principles of biology to clarify the causal mechanisms of good health and ill health. His over 100 articles and invited reviews attest to his professional contributions.

The practical contributions to clinical medicine and to healthcare policy presented here provide you an introduction to him and his work. Functional, predictive tests and procedures designed to improve the precision of both diagnosis and of treatment outcomes are his focus. Cause (fundamental source of the problem) is more interesting than consequence (symptoms) when the goal is high-level function and well-being. Examples of his contributions to molecular biology and clinical diagnostics include:

1. Early colon cancer detection test: Tests a tiny speck of stool for traces of blood (occult blood). Previous occult blood tests were inhibited by ascorbate. After documenting how much inhibition ascorbate causes, he validated a novel procedure suitable for either stool or urine that is not inhibited by ascorbate (vitamin C).

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2. Predictive tests of cardiovascular health and function based on changes in blood clotting and systemic repair status:
• Dose-response platelet aggregation assays.
• Fibrinogen survival assay using fully active fibrinogen.
• Platelet survival assay using fully active platelets.

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3. Molecular biology discoveries:
• Quantification of the number of concurrent platelet binding sites needed for collagen to activate platelet-induced blood clotting.
• Identification of the mechanism that controls collagen activation of platelets.

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4. Antigen ultra-purification for use in high sensitivity immunology assays: Purer antigens mean more precise test results. A novel volatile buffer is used. The buffer evaporates as the antigen dries on the surface of the reaction chamber (microtiter plate). This allows for uniquely effective, more specific challenges from which to determine hypersensitivity in LRA by ELISA/ACT functional cell response assays.

5. Mechanism of connective tissue cross-link inhibition by d-penicillamine.

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6. Predictive tests of immune function and hypersensitivity / delayed allergy: A proprietary, comprehensive, autologous, ex vivo lymphocyte response assay (LRA by ELISA/ACT®) cell culture that tests concurrently all 3 types of delayed immune responses (based on Gel and Coombs’ categories of immune response) in reaction to antigens recognized as helpful (tolerant, non-reactive) or harmful (hypersensitive, reactive).

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7. Predictive tests of nutritional / metabolic function: Nutritional and toxic mineral provocation test protocols using d-penicillamine to assess cellular mineral and buffering capacity through a safer, non-invasive technique. Separately, Dr. Jaffe has received numerous patents for this discoveries in nutritional science. These advances are incorporated into the PERQUE line of professionally dispensed dietary supplements. PERQUE unique features include scientific and clinical leadership, full disclosure labels, proven full bioavailability, proven full function formulas, and clinically validated full health promotion.

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8. In health policy and the development of a cost and outcome effective, sustainable health promotion system.

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Honored as an International Scientist of 2003 by the IBC, Oxford, England, UK for his lifetime contributions to clinical medicine, biochemistry, immunology, methodology, and integrative health policy, Dr. Jaffe is appreciative of the recognition of his peers. He currently serves on the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology and coordinates its certification training program. America’s Top Physicians 2005, Who’s Who in America; Who’s Who in Medicine and Science; Who’s Who in Business and Engineering all have included him in recognition of his contributions to science and community.

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