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Happy Holidays

Dr. Russ Jaffe, and the entire staff at ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season. With these holiday wishes in mind, we also want to remind our customers about some of the shipping challenges we face this time of year and how best to minimize their impact on you, your staff, and your clients. Here are a few holiday tips for running LRA by ELISA/ACT tests during the holiday season.

Click here to download the Holiday Schedule PDF

#1 – Check the schedule for days NOT to do blood draws. Download schedule.

Don’t draw blood samples on Monday 12/25 or Monday 1/1.

#2 – Between now and the end of the year, the high volume of packages being shipped is likely to result in delayed delivery of your LRA specimen to our lab. We recommend allowing an extra day for shipping and NOT drawing blood on Fridays.

#3 – If you are drawing blood the week before Christmas, please call us for special instructions for shipping. 800.553.5472.

We will email you a special label to insure your blood sample against late delivery. This may not prevent the specimen from arriving late, but if it does, UPS will be picking up the cost of the blood draw.

Please contact the ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies Client Services team at 800.553.5472.

Happy Holidays

Holiday greeting from Dr. Russ Jaffe

Holiday 3

During the darkest of winter Festivals of Light are celebrated throughout our home planet. Shared wisdom and celebrating each others unique light and common humanity transcend philosophies and politics. We continue to be grateful for the opportunities to serve through technologies and understandings that enable healing. Deep peace and joyful holidays and holy days to each and all.



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