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Best Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

Dr. Jaffe discusses his thoughts on lowering blood pressure. Watch now!

Thoughts on BMI as a Measure of Weight and/or Health Status?

Dr. Jaffe gives his thoughts on Body Mass Index (BMI) and other options to predict [...]

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How Much Magnesium to Take Per Day?

Dr. Jaffe discusses how much magnesium you should be taking in the 21st century to [...]

Top Benefits of Magnesium

Dr. Jaffe discusses the many benefits of magnesium, and why it’s important to get enough. [...]

Thoughts On Magnesium Citrate

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Is Allulose a Good Sugar Substitute?

Dr. Russell Jaffe (DrJ) talks about allulose and what he thinks of it as a [...]

Multivitamins and Cancer

Dr. Jaffe discusses his thoughts on multivitamins and cancer. Watch now! Ask your healthcare practitioner [...]

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