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A Webinar Series

In this 5-part series taught by Dr. Jaffe, you will explore key elements of a clinically validated health optimization program founded on the principles of functional immunology. Whatever your clinical specialty or type of practice, the information Dr. Jaffe shares will enable you to better use an evidence-based approach to achieve better outcomes for your patients and for your practice.

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Find out how to identify hidden inflammatory triggers that may be blocking your patients’ recovery.

Learn simple, inexpensive tools to better understand your patients' physiologic functioning and keep them engaged between follow up visits.

Explore detox needs, mechanisms, and the importance of bio-detox superfoods.

Discover effective resources to help you create an individualized, targeted supplementation program for every patient.

Learn how to use the Joy in Living: The Alkaline Way as a coaching tool to guide your patients in healthier EAT, DRINK, THINK & DO choices.

Throughout the series, Dr. Jaffe will explain inflammation as repair deficit… an opportunity to remove obstacles to recovery and evoke healing responses rather than a fire to be suppressed or fought.

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