8 Simple Eating and Food Combining Tips for Optimal Digestion and Assimilation

There are eight simple eating and food combining tips for optimal digestion and assimilation. Here’s the list for you to follow:

  1. Remember the fundamental rule: simple meals digest better
  2. Do not overeat! Eat until 75% full, leaving 25% for digestion
  3. Eat foods that digest faster first
  4. In general, have fruits/fruit juice/healthy sweets on their own (30 minutes before or 2 hours after a meal has digested)
  5. Do not combine concentrated proteins (meat, fish, or eggs) with starches/carbs while your digestion is weak or repairing. Eat these at separate meals
  6. Green, non-starchy vegetables pair with everything (except fruit)
  7. Do not drink cold water with meals as it dilutes digestive juices and reduces digestive ability. (We do recommend a glass of warm water or broth to start any meal or 1 hour after meals.)
  8. Lightly sipping hot tea during or at the end of a meal may assist with digestion