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COVID Vax LRA Panel Now Available

Over 200 million COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered in the US, however a sizeable percentage of Americans have not received one. While some have decided they will not be vaccinated, others are still weighing the benefits and risks, including immune hypersensitivity. The new test available from ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies (EAB) offers individuals information about how their immune system reacts to two of the components used in the COVID-19 vaccines available in U.S.

While the risk of severe immediate allergic reaction is very low, it is likely one factor being weighed by those undecided about getting vaccinated. The components of the approved U.S. COVID-19 vaccines that have been implicated in allergic reactions are the high molecular weight polyethylene glycol (PEG 2000) and Polysorbate 80. All guidance clearly states that known allergy to PEG or Polysorbate 80 is a contraindication to the vaccine containing that ingredient. Additionally, because these ingredients are so similar immunologically, an allergy to either requires consultation with a healthcare practitioner prior to receiving any of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Immediate allergies (type I immune hypersensitivity) to either PEG or Polysorbate can be tested using a skin scratch test. These conventional tests identify immediate allergic reactions. But immediate allergy may not be the only concern or risk being weighed by those still undecided. For information about delayed hypersensitivity to these two vaccine components, EAB has introduced the COVID Vax LRA panel.

This specialized test uses the same advanced ex-vivo cell culture method used by healthcare practitioners for over 30 years to accurately detect delayed hypersensitivities to over 500 foods and chemicals. This timely new panel offers valuable personalized insights by testing for delayed immune hypersensitivity to:

  • High Molecular Weight (HMW) polyethylene glycol PEG. Moderna and Pfizer COVID 19 vaccines include HMW PEG.
  • Polysorbate 80 – Used in the Johnson and Johnson COVID 19 vaccine.

Dr. Russell Jaffe, Founder of ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies says “almost immediately after the first vaccine was announced I had practitioners asking if we could test for immune reaction to the vaccines. I am very pleased that our team was able to source, standardize, and validate the HMW PEG quickly and get this test to market in time to be helpful.”

To learn more about the COVID Vax LRA panel contact ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies at 800.553.5472 or Healthcare practitioners looking to order testing can open an EAB account online.

Antioxidants vs. Free Radicals: Plant Power for the win!

By Melissa Crispell, ND, CNS, CNHP

The word antioxidant is a general term to describe something that can neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals. Antioxidants could be considered “cell defenders.” Free radicals are unstable molecules that can potentially damage DNA, cell membranes, and other parts of the cells.

Free radicals lack a complete set of electrons, so they steal the electrons from other molecules which end up damaging those cells in the process. Antioxidants donate electrons to neutralize the free radicals. By doing this, the antioxidant acts as a natural barrier to the domino effect of damaged molecules in the cells (free radicals) and other cells in the body that could become damaged (oxidative stress).

Damage and mayhem are to be expected with free radicals.

Our bodies create them in response to a number of exposures: tobacco smoke, air pollution, UV rays, not to mention they’re a natural by-product of the cell life process. Free radicals aren’t always detrimental.  When the immune system initiates a defense, a free radical army is launched from the oxygen used. That free radical army destroys bacteria, viruses and damaged cells. We also produce free radicals during exercise – this can benefit us by sensitizing the muscle cells to insulin.

Our bodies can create some powerful antioxidants with the right foods too! Glutathione and alpha lipoic acid to name a couple. A good supply of antioxidants is necessary to disarm the damaging effects of free radicals. The food we eat will help supply other antioxidants like vitamins C and E. Dr. Jaffe refers to vitamin C as “the maternal antioxidant that sacrifices herself for all others”. Vitamin C donates the electrons and then the phytochemicals help to restore the vitamin C back to its original, active antioxidant form.

Plants are loaded with phytochemicals. Literally, plant – chemicals. Some antioxidant foods to support and what they provide are:


Tomatoes – lycopene

Kale – lutein


Cocoa – flavanols

Blueberries – anthocyanins

Apples and onions – quercetin

Green tea – catechins

While fruits and vegetables are rich sources of antioxidants, supplements like PERQUE Liva Guard Forté may also be beneficial but not a replacement for eating non-GMO, enzyme rich, nutrient dense foods. PERQUE Liva Guard Forté is formulated with silymarin and the preferred form of CoQ10 for powerful antioxidant protection and free radical prevention. PERQUE Liva Guard Forté protects the liver from cell and tissue damage associated with environmental toxicity and urban living. PERQUE Liva Guard Forté also gives the liver the needed support for better detoxification, improved energy, and healthier immune function.

Click here for more information on PERQUE Liva Guard Forté.

Click here to receive free samples.

About Melissa Crispell

Melissa Crispell is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Natural Health Provider, Certified Lifestyle Educator, Certified Wellness Coach, and Certified Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist. Melissa has been published in Living Well, DC Practice Insights and Acupuncture Today.

In addition, she has spoken at the Easter Seals Annual Caregiver conference, Functional Medicine Success Summit, American Association for Naturopathic Physicians, and is a member of the Health Studies Collegium speaker’s bureau and National Acupuncture Detoxification Association.

Melissa has served over 9 years as a Clinical Training Specialist for PERQUE Integrative Health, teaching physicians and providers all over the world how to grow their functional medicine practice using medical grade supplements and functional immunology.

Melissa’s mission is to empower people of all health statuses to take control of their wellness journey. This includes debunking myths and sharing basic health concepts that are frequently overlooked. Melissa believes that when we have better information, we make better choices.

Press Release: PIH Academy Announces New Course for 2021

Press Release

PIH Academy Announces New Course for 2021, “Managing Women’s Health Challenges During Pandemics and Beyond: A Physiology Before Pharmacology Approach.”

Seven highly respected lecturers deliver 2-days of online continuing educating on the principles and practice of Physiology Before Pharmacology as the basis of functional medicine in practice.

ASHBURN, VA – PERQUE Integrative Health (PIH) Academy has announced that registration is now open for its first new course of 2021, “Managing Women’s Health Challenges During Pandemics and Beyond: A Physiology Before Pharmacology Approach.” For this immersive 2-day online course, PIH Academy has assembled an impressive group of guest faculty to deliver engaging lectures, practice- worthy clinical pearls, and lively panel discussions. The course will be taught online June 5 – 6, 2021 with a recording of the full program available for viewing on demand after the live event.

As with all PIH Academy courses, this course will provide healthcare practitioners with a deeper understanding of the principles of Physiology Before Pharmacology. Attendees will gain insights and practical approaches for managing 21stcentury health challenges and helping clients maintain youthful vitality at all ages.

This latest PIH Academy course is structured differently than the previous two. “I am excited about some of the changes we are making for this year’s course,” says PIH Academy Founder, Russ Jaffe, MD. “This year I am joined by an impressive guest faculty speaking on different aspects of women’s health ranging from bone and hormones to digestion, detoxification, brains, joints, vessels, fascia and heart.” Dr. Jaffe adds, “we have also condensed the course into two full days with an agenda crafted to meet the needs of the functional and integrative healthcare practitioners.”

To learn more or register for course 3, visit The first two PIH Academycourses are also available for on-demand learning at . Registration for all courses includes lectures, downloadable notes and support materials, a certificate of completion, and ND and DC CEU.


About PIH Academy™

PERQUE Integrative Health (PIH) Academy educates healthcare practitioners in the philosophy and practice of Physiology First as the basis of functional medicine – focusing on the processes and functions that create, sustain, and optimize life. It is an approach that looks at how the things we eat, drink, think and do impact us physiologically – either supporting or detracting from optimal function. Physiology First (before pharmacology) is at the core of proactive prevention and the practice of functional medicine.

About Dr. Russell Jaffe

Dr. Russell M. Jaffe, CEO and Chairman of PERQUE Integrative Health is one of the pioneers of integrative and regenerative medicine.  Since inventing the world’s first single step amplified (ELISA) procedure in 1984, a process for measuring and monitoring all delayed allergies, Dr. Jaffe has continually sought new ways to help speed the transition from our current healthcare system’s symptom-reactive model to a more functionally integrated, effective and compassionate system. PIH is the outcome of years of Dr. Jaffe’s scientific research. It brings to market three decades of rethinking safer, more effective, novel and proprietary dietary supplements, supplement delivery systems, diagnostic testing, and validation studies.

About PERQUE Integrative Health™

PERQUE Integrative Health (PIH) is dedicated to speeding the transition from sickness care to healthful caring. Delivering novel, personalized health solutions, PIH gives healthcare practitioners and patients the tools to achieve sustained optimal wellness. Combining the best in functional, evidence-based testing with premium professional supplements, and healthful lifestyle guides, PIH solutions deliver successful outcomes in even the toughest cases. Visit for more.

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