Predictive Biomarkers Virtual Workshop

Did you miss Dr. Jaffe's Predictive Biomarkers event in San Francisco on April 24? If so, you missed a great event full of valuable knowledge and clinical expertise! Fortunately, we want to offer those who missed the event the opportunity to digitally download all of the workshop materials including the video of the presentation! 

Reserve your digital copy to learn how to implement an evidence-based integrative approach to achieving better clinical results and improved patient satisfaction while reducing net cost of care.

By the end of this workshop, attendees will:

  • Know what predictive biomarkers are and how to use them in practice;
  • Understand the difference between standard tests and functional predictive tests, identifying associated epigenetic risks;
  • Know what meaningful (least risk - most gain) goal values to look for rather than normal lab values;
  • Understand the connection between the biomarker tests and the clinical principles relating to autoimmune, chronic, degenerative and inflammatory conditions;
  • Learn how the 8 predictive biomarkers discussed relate to other currently used markers and why choosing the right kind can improve quality of clinical care;
  • Be able to provide more personalized care, improve clinical outcome in patients and increase practice success.