Dental & Orthopedic Materials Reactivity Testing

We are pleased to inform you that ELISA/ACT® Biotechnologies (EAB) LLC is transitioning the dental and orthopedic materials testing to the Lymphocyte Response Assay (LRA) platform. The past two years have provided us with a better understanding of the details of dental and orthopedic materials testing and we are now confident that we can use the LRA process to evaluate these immune responses.

We expect that this move will significantly improve the specificity and reproducibility of this testing using the comprehensive LRA methodology.

While we validate and perform the required quality control procedures that are needed to provide the level of precision EAB is known for, we will need to discontinue accepting samples for dental and orthopedic materials testing. This temporary halting is necessary for proper quality control and validation. We ask that you bear with us until just after July 4th, 2023, when we will be ready to launch a new and improved dental and orthopedic materials testing panel that will reflect the same scientific rigor as our existing LRA testing panels.

In the interim, please email or call our client services team at 800-553-5472 with any questions or concerns. Our team is here to help and guide you during this process. We sincerely appreciate your patience.