Now, more than ever, immune-supportive tools are vital! ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies is here to help.

Enhance Immune System Competence

Hypersensitivities to common foods and chemicals excessively burden the immune system, interfering with optimal function. The first step to eliminating these excessive immune burdens is to identify the offending substances.

The ex vivo LRA by ELISA/ACT® cell culture is the gold standard for detecting these hidden immune hypersensitivities. For over 35 years healthcare practitioners around the world have depended on LRA tests for accurate results and individualized nutrient and lifestyle recommendations to help restore immune tolerance.  

Visit the COVID19 Resource Center for additional risk reduction recommendations from Russell Jaffe, MD, Ph.D., CCN, ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies Founder, CEO and Lab Director.

Science Behind Delayed Hypersensitivities

For a deeper understanding of delayed hypersensitivities and the tests that measure them, we invite you to watch this recent presentation by Dr. Jaffe.  WATCH NOW


The presentation covers…

      – how delayed hypersensitivities develop
      – the toll these immune burdens take on your immune function,
      – and how the LRA test and treatment plan can restore tolerance.

Support for Your Practice

If you have shifted to telemedicine, we make it easy for you to offer LRA testing to your patients. Let us help by…

      – Shipping test kits directly to patients.

      – Facilitate a safe and convenient blood draw in your patient’s home. Test now through June 30 and we will pay for the mobile blood draw fee. Simply provide receipt with your LRA sample and you’ll get a credit for the amount paid for the blood draw (maximum of $50). 

      – Our nutritionist is available for virtual consultations to review test results with you and/or your patients.


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