First Line Comprehensive Care Part I:

Chronic Autoimmune Disease Management by Causes Rather than Symptomatic Consequences

Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD, CCN, NACB

This article addresses aspects of the human healing response in the context of what the evidence supports in the use of functional assays to improve diagnostic precision, patient-specific comprehensive case management, and out-comes monitoring.

Essential and innate to human life is our immune system, with a principal action in defense and repair. Both defense in response to foreign invaders and repair in response to daily wear and tear are the immune systems primary and required roles for maintenance of human life.

The fundamental approach to first line care articulated herein is based on patient-specific, comprehensive, functional, ex vivo tests and treatment plans. The roles of immune system dysfunction in good health and chronic ill health are explored. Advanced assays that provide comprehensive determination of an individual’s delayed type hypersensitivity (DTH)/delayed allergy reactions are used as examples of how to get to the cause of many chronic “treatment-resistant” issues.

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