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6 Savvy Rules of Healthy Eating

This summer, follow these six savvy rules of healthy eating: 1. Eat Whole Foods, not processed Any food in its most essential, pure and basic form is nutrient dense and must be preferred over processed food.  When you eat whole foods, you’re getting the food in its natural state e.g.,   an apple instead of apple […]

Age: Functional vs Chronological

Most physiologic functions can be quantified to incredible detail. We are accustomed to thinking of our body’s functioning as developing in early life, peaking in mid-life and declining as we age. On average, when entire populations are measured, this is correct. Statistics, however, cannot be applied to individuals and our expectations of our own health […]

Dr. Russell Jaffe Interview With Natural Medicine Journal Discussing the Challenges and Solutions in Treating Chronic Inflammation

Dr. Russell Jaffe was recently interviewed by the Natural Medicine Journal about the challenges and solutions in treating chronic inflammation. Dr. Jaffe describes how clinicians can identify and treat inflammatory issues long before illness sets in. He also describes ways to reverse chronic inflammation including diet, lifestyle, and utilization of the C Cleanse technique. You […]

The Alkaline Way: Integrative Management of Autoimmune Conditions

This report synthesizes three decades of investigations into the determinants of healthy and unhealthy immune defenses and repair responses. The function of Immune Defenses and Repair Systems (IDRS) in good health and in ill health are compared and contrasted[i]. An integrative approach to inter-dependent neuro-immuno-hormonal, digestive, and detoxification systems is included. The Alkaline Way is […]