Milk Thistle – Not Just for Detox

Milk ThistleWith the holidays, parties, and eating splurges behind us, there is no better time than now to detoxify the body and shed some extra pounds. Your patients/clients, whether they tell you or not, are likely thinking about starting their 2016 detox. And they will have lots of company. There are many detox recommendations out there ranging from helpful to just plain silly, and even dangerous. You can help your patients sort through the information and detox safely by offering them guidance and an effective protocol to use.

One key agent to include in any detoxification protocol is Silymarin (or milk thistle). Silymarin is well known for its liver support and cleansing properties, and there is research showing it can help decrease blood sugar levels in those with diabetes. It has also been shown to improve insulin resistance – a precursor to diabetes and a huge trigger factor for weight gain. Read more.

Since regular detoxification not only removes unwanted toxins and helps with weight loss, but also strengthens the immune system, increases energy and improves skin quality, now really is a great time to detox!

Detoxification is one of five key elements of the clinically validated Well Guard training. In this presentation by Dr. Russell Jaffe you'll hear strategies for getting the bad stuff out and the good stuff in. You'll also learn about PERQUE Liva Guard Forte containing silymarin and the complete PERQUE Detox Program that provides comprehensive nutrients for a complete multi-system detoxification.