Travel Tips for Sustained Wellness

DrJaffeTravelTipsMEMEDr. Jaffe was recently asked how he maintains his health-promoting routines given his heavy travel schedule. Here are Dr. Jaffe's recommendations for staying well while you travel.

Travel Tip From “Road Warrior, Dr. Russell Jaffe

  1. Plan a travel day because delays and diversions occur so often now that it makes sense to provide flexible time. When schedules work, there might be time to see an exhibit or catch a show. When on planes, drink 8 ounces of water per hour of flight. Chair hatha / prana yoga and active meditation help balance out the flight.
  2. Know where you are staying, find a green grocer or Whole Foods type market so that you can stock your room with whole foods — those we can digest, assimilate and eliminate without immune burden. Stay out of restaurants to the extent possible. Find organic / raw food / whole food local restaurants when ‘en suite’ eating is not feasible.
  3. Line up supplements next to the array of colorful foods.
  4. Carry stretching bands to help with stretching — before bed and on waking while in bed, in the shower, in the hot tub and / or somewhere for a total of 20 minutes along with a 20-45 minute amble… in the greenest place nearby.
  5. Noise canceling headphones and eye shades are helpful when you want to cocoon.
  6. Schedule a Feldenkrais / Trager / Alexander technique session when possible. Seek out word of mouth referrals to people with healing hands.
  7. Use the basics of the health club from sauna to hot tub when available. Avoid spa or hotel massages because there are a lot of inexperienced body workers.
  8. Use travel as a challenge to our usual habits… bring a beginner’s mind, a sense of ourselves as beings of light within larger spheres of light and gratitude for meaningful work.