Specimen Requirements/Collection

LRA Tests

LRA tests require undamaged living cells, shipped overnight.

If you do not do blood draws in your practice, click here for a list of phlebotomists. Or, have your patients contact EAB Client Services at 800.553.5472

Specimens may be drawn Mon – Friday. If drawing on Friday, contact EAB Client Services at 800.553.5472 or ClientServices@ELISAACT to provide:

  • Practitioner and patient names
  • Panel being ordered
  • Last 8 digits of the UPS tracking number

Acceptable specimens:

  • Whole blood collected in proprietary vacutainer tubes (white top) from properly prepared patient (see required test preparation instructions) and drawn with 19 gauge needed, provided.
  • Draw the small (3mL) tube first. This tube may be discarded or sent with specimen.
  • Send 4 tubes for all panels except All Inclusive, which requires 8 tubes. Contact EAB Client Services for guidance if a full specimen can’t be collected.
  • Tubes should be fully filled. Partially filled tubes will not have the proper ratio of blood to additive.
  • Pack specimen using supplied materials including refrigerated (NOT FROZEN) cold pack. See Specimen Preparation instructions.

LRA tests cannot be performed if:

  • Patient has not followed all test preparation instructions.
  • Blood is clotted.
  • Cells received are not alive and undamaged.
  • There is not enough blood for the panel ordered.

Click here for Phlebotomy and Specimen Preparation & Shipping Instruction sheets [Justin – these are the ones linked on the site now}

Predictive Biomarker Tests

Contact EAB Client Services to request required collection tubes for add-on Predictive Biomarker tests.

Predictive Biomarkers can only be drawn Monday-Thursday.

Acceptable Specimens:

Hemoglobin A1C (HgbA1c) requires one EDTA (lavender top) tube. You may use the LRA discard tube for this test.

High sensitivity C reactive protein (hsCRP) requires one SST (tiger top) tube. Allow blood to clot completely then spin at 1300 rcf for 10 minutes.

Homocysteine requires one SST (tiger top) tube. Allow blood to clot then spin at 1300 rcf for 10 minutes to separate serum from cells.

Vitamin D requires one SST (tiger top) tube. Allow blood to clot completely then spin at 1300 rcf for 10 minutes.

Omega-3 Index or Omega 3:6 Ratio – EDTA (lavender top) or specialty LRA (white top) tube.

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