Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing

Note: If someone is on long term steroids or immunosuppressants, they may not be recommended to do Clifford testing as those will affect results. No fasting is required. 

The Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing (CMRT) is a laboratory test that identifies existing bio-sensitivity problems in dental and orthopedic materials according to an individual patient’s immune system. The testing is performed with a blood sample that is drawn and prepared locally and then shipped into the lab for final analysis. The test looks at 94 chemical groups used in dental and orthopedic materials.

The findings of these 94 groups are compared to a database of over 17,000 dental materials and over 10,000 orthopedic materials to determine which materials contain and may release adversely reacting chemical groups to the specific patient. A report is then generated showing the findings of the 94 chemical groups as well as listing the trade named materials with a label listing their bio-reactivity as suited or not well suited.

This is the same materials reactivity testing developed by Walter J Clifford in 1987. It still bears his name today to honor his legacy and contribution to the dental and orthopedic professionals community, and to honor him as a true friend to all who had the privilege to meet and work with him. ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies partnered with Clifford Consulting in 2020 to bring his testing to our lab to carry on his work.

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CMRT at a Glance

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