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5 Key Strategies to Restoring the Health of Even Your Toughest Patients

This report is for you if:

You're inundated with hard to treat patients

Sometimes you have difficulty communicating the value of your integrative health care services to patients who would greatly benefit from them.

You want better tools to help get at the root cause and not just the symptoms.

You are actively seeking to grow your practice and you'd like to add an additional income stream.

You'd like access to a proven system to help you better manage even your toughest patients.

Here's What Our Report Covers

The critical first step in leading patients to restored health (without this, your ability to help them is severely limited)

The body's top line of defense against the 100,000+ chemicals that have been introduced into our environment over the past 50 years

The #1 key to preventing chronic inflammation – plus a new way of looking at inflammation that will transform your patients' lives and your practice for the better

A breakthrough way to use supplements to deliver faster, better results to your patients





PERQUE Integrative Health has been setting new standards of excellence in the healthcare field for over three decades. Our world-class scientists work tirelessly to rethink the current axioms of healthcare, developing innovative ways of bringing better health to patients.

Our company was founded by Russell M. Jaffe, MD, Ph.D., CCN, a pioneer in the field of functional nutrition. An accomplished researcher, author, and highly sought after speaker, Dr. Jaffe is dedicated to the application of primary prevention. In leading PIH, Dr. Jaffe is committed to advancing personalized care by providing superior nutraceuticals, validated assessment tools, and clinically proven, functional immunology tests. When you download our free report, you'll get immediate access to Dr. Jaffe's helpful clinical pearls that you'll be able to apply directly to your practice.

Who Are We?

Over the many years I have utilized this program, I have found it the most reliable and effective solution to solving my patients' chronic health conditions.

N. Schwartz, MD


I have found LRA by ELISA/ACT to be the most accurate and cost-effective means of detecting delayed hypersensitivities. This program provides the most powerful tool for health regeneration that I have encountered for patients with chronic immune conditions such as fibromyalgia, diabetes, arthritis, and MS to name a few.

S. Brown, Ph.D., CCN

Throughout most of my life I have suffered from chronic fatigue and infections. After eliminating reactive items identified by the LRA tests and starting the recommended PERQUE supplements, I no longer have daily headaches, fatigue, and lingering infections. Thanks to this program, for the first time in my life, I feel amazing!!!

A Patient from San Marcos, CA

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