Results and Treatment Plans

The LRA test result reports are individualized plans for implementing the LRA program successfully.  Results reports include the following:                   

Detailed report identifying strong, moderate, and nonreactive items

Steps to Health handout with suggested approach to implementing the LRA program

Joy in Living: The Alkaline Way ebook.  This patient friendly handbook helps patients understand why being acidic is harmful and the steps they can take to alkalinize. It also includes healthy, delicious alkaline recipes, tips for developing an immune tolerant diet, and healthy practices for mind and body. (read more)


If the HAQ (Health Assessment Questionnaire) was submitted, the LRA results will also include a safe, effective, and personalized supplement plan with behavioral recommendations.

A individualized rotation diet can also be included upon request.

Consultation with Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) is available.

Well Guard Training

Well Guard™ is comprehensive training to overcome obstacles to recovery and restore resilience, in even the toughest cases. The tools and support available through the Well Guard training make it easy to:

  • Identify hidden immune burdens
  • Determine health status and nutrient needs
  • Remove toxins that are stressing the immune system
  • Repair and restore resilience with individualized supplementation programs
  • Guide health-restoring choices: The Alkaline Way

Deepen your understanding of food and chemical sensitivities, inflammation, and their clinical consequences. Learn to apply proven, evidence-based tools to help evoke healing responses and restore tolerance. Become a Well Guard Program Certified Practitioner.

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