Self-Renewal in 72 minutes daily

Add life to years and years to life by… self-care in 5% of your day, starting in the evening…

30 minute transition to restorative sleep including Epsom Salt & Baking Soda soak ± cold pressed aromatic oil during which you engage 5 minutes of abdominal breathing + 15 minutes of active mindfulness practice; dry off including dry brushing of skin with towel; take evening supplements; 5 minutes of stretching in bed before sleep in cool, dark, WiFi free bedroom.

5 minutes stretching in bed on rising and before getting out of bed. OK to include notes from prior nights dreams.

As part of daily selfcare…
• OK to stretch and breathe deeply as you move about.
• Use a tooth powder and not a toothpaste.
• Use buffered l-ascorbate as mouthwash. Use a goat’s milk or castile soap.
• Take daily morning dose of dietary supplements.

Start each meal with something warm and wet… water with fresh lime juice, broth (vegetable, fish or meat; never bone) or fresh vegetable juice. Eat foods you can digest assimilate and eliminate without immune burden.

Use four self-assessments and eight predictive biomarkers with personalized interpretation to cover all of life-style choices (Epigenetics).

Hydrate by consuming more than four liters (or four quarts) of water or herbal beverage daily.

Spend 10 minutes each daily…

  • Doing Hatha Prana Yoga or Tai chi Chuan or Aikido or Pilates or Trager Mentastics or Feldenkrais technique… whichever appeals to you.
  • Ambling or forest bathing or walking, gardening or dancing while observing what is around you.
  • With an intensive journal or recording video or sketching in a free association creative mode.

Spend 7 minutes daily being grateful for what you have and sending good will as well as good wishes mentally to those about whom you care. For me, early morning time works better.

Extra benefits accrue from leaving shoes and exterior clothes at the door and changing into comfortable inside clothes. An air cleaner is needed in most urban areas.

72 minutes to renew, restore, rehabilitate, recreate and regenerate.

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