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Travel Tips for Sustained Wellness

DrJaffeTravelTipsMEMEDr. Jaffe was recently asked how he maintains his health-promoting routines given his heavy travel schedule. Here are Dr. Jaffe's recommendations for staying well while you travel.

Travel Tip From “Road Warrior, Dr. Russell Jaffe

  1. Plan a travel day because delays and diversions occur so often now that it makes sense to provide flexible time. When schedules work, there might be time to see an exhibit or catch a show. When on planes, drink 8 ounces of water per hour of flight. Chair hatha / prana yoga and active meditation help balance out the flight.
  2. Know where you are staying, find a green grocer or Whole Foods type market so that you can stock your room with whole foods — those we can digest, assimilate and eliminate without immune burden. Stay out of restaurants to the extent possible. Find organic / raw food / whole food local restaurants when ‘en suite’ eating is not feasible.
  3. Line up supplements next to the array of colorful foods.
  4. Carry stretching bands to help with stretching — before bed and on waking while in bed, in the shower, in the hot tub and / or somewhere for a total of 20 minutes along with a 20-45 minute amble… in the greenest place nearby.
  5. Noise canceling headphones and eye shades are helpful when you want to cocoon.
  6. Schedule a Feldenkrais / Trager / Alexander technique session when possible. Seek out word of mouth referrals to people with healing hands.
  7. Use the basics of the health club from sauna to hot tub when available. Avoid spa or hotel massages because there are a lot of inexperienced body workers.
  8. Use travel as a challenge to our usual habits… bring a beginner’s mind, a sense of ourselves as beings of light within larger spheres of light and gratitude for meaningful work.



Autism Summit Online

Autism spectrum disorders are the fastest growing developmental disorder in the world today.

In the United States a child is diagnosed every 11 minutes. For the past three decades the rates have increased at an accelerating rate and are currently 1in 68 children; 1 in 48 boys and 1 in 189 girls are affected.

This is the first online Autism Summit. The compilation of experts across multiple disciplines with cutting edge and innovative therapies make this summit unique, with a comprehensive, inclusive, credible approach to a much-debated issue.

Learn from video interviews with Functional Medicine visionaries and innovators that are experts in root cause resolution.

Autism spectrum disorders are a complex chronic condition with a large variation in symptoms. The cause remains elusive. A series of scientific studies over the last decade document that the increase is a real and cannot be attributed to better diagnosis.

There is a need to think deeply and objectively about this disorder. We know that multiple body systems are impacted, including: brain, nervous, immune, gastrointestinal, oxidation/reduction, inflammation, and mitochondria

We have assembled an outstanding group of doctors, parents, clinicians, chiropractors, nutritionists, and researchers that can shed light on this complex chronic condition. Our experts discuss the environmental connection and share with you cutting edge information about what you can do to improve the health and well being of your child.

Learn the latest, most up to date information about autism spectrum disorders, including ADHD. Discover how early intervention and treatment, and life-long support can make a difference for individuals with autism and their families

The real answers are likely not being offered by mainstream medicine. We have traveled the country to interview 35 respected and trustworthy practitioners. It can often seem like there’s no options and no one else to turn to, The Autism Intensive Summit will help you get to the root of dysfunction in you child by giving you information you need to address:

  • Diet, nutrition, supplements, neutraceuticals, pharmaceutical, and essential oils
  • Healing the leaky gut
  • How to detoxify/eliminate heavy metals and environmental pollutants in food, air and water.
  • Treating chronic infections
  • Hear from parents how they have been able to make dramatic positive changes in their children
  • Understand biochemical and physiological basis for efficacy of biomedical interventions
  • How to begin a comprehensive approach
  • Body oriented therapies

There are many reasons why we seeing an alarming increase in autism spectrum disorder, by sharing this information we can do something about it! Collectively we know enough to prevent and remediate autism spectrum disorders.

Measure Mineral Status & Metabolic Acidosis Risk

The pH level of urine after 6 hours of rest reflects pH throughout the body. Levels below 6.5 indicate metabolic acidosis. Low pH also suggests mineral deficits, because minerals are pulled from bone and body fluid during metabolic acidosis to buffer and reduce acids and maintain pH within a health range.

Acid-alkaline balance is important. Tiny changes in pH have profound implications for cell metabolism. Life exists poised exquisitely just above the neutral point of 7.0. Levels of pH above 7.5 can indicate catabolic illness in which amino acids are used as energy sources.

Any unusual variation in urinary pH is usually reflected in the first morning urine. This calls for changes in diet and/or nutritional supplements to restore acid-alkaline balance. Simply checking the pH level each day provides ongoing monitoring to see whether pH has been corrected. (Click here for 1st AM Urine pH test protocol) This is an important aspect of biochemistry – so if there is an abnormality, that has to be monitored regularly.

Healthy values are urine pH in the 6.5-7.5 range.

Measure your 1st AM Urine pH with the 15-day self-test kit available from ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies. Call 1.800.553.5472 to order yours.

Get Prepared for Cold & Flu Season

In a recent episode of Five to Thrive Live, Dr. Lise Alschuler and Karolyn Gazella talk to Russell Jaffe, MD, Ph.D.,CCN about  cold and flu prevention strategies.  Hear Dr. Jaffe's insights on natural and effective methods of enhancing immunity and overall health. Dr. Jaffe also discusses his opinion on the flu vaccine and his personal cold and flu prevention protocol. Whether you are a practitioner preparing to treat cold and flu or an individual looking to boost your defenses, you'll want to listen to this interview. 

For more information about any of Dr. Jaffe's recommendations, contact PERQUE Integrative Health at 1.800.525.7372 or by email at You can also submit a question directly.


Neutrophils Lead, T-Cells Follow… Study Tracks Immune Response to Flu

The ability of the body to fight infection and pathogens is ever dependent on the robustness of the innate arm of the immune system. A recent study - the first to track an immune system response to a flu virus in vivo, provides an inside view of the cell dynamics in this process. Read more

When extraneous elements, (whether environmental or food related) burden the immune system, this fighting ability declines and wears the body down. Knowing what is weighing down the immune system is crucial for tuning up one's immune responses. The LRA by ELISA/ACT™ with the associated Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ) is considered the gold standard for a comprehensive view of the immune system. Learn more about the advanced LRA tests.



Osteoporosis treatment may do more harm than good.

Australian research study reveals a class of popular osteoporosis medication could be contributing to rather than preventing fractures… Read more.

To optimize bone health, Dr. Jaffe recommends eating an immune-tolerant alkaline diet, maintaining 1st AM urine pH between 6.5 – 7.5, and taking a comprehensive mineral complex.  It takes much more than just calcium and vitamin D to make healthy bones so Dr. Jaffe developed PERQUE Bone Guard Forté 20™This novel formulation delivers 20 essential nutrients to rebuild bone, enhance bone density, and protect against bone mineral depletion. The alkalinizing minerals neutralize metabolic acid leading to healthier bone.

Learn more about the Alkaline Way to sustainable health and find out if your cells are in acid/alkaline balance.  Click here to download a free copy of Joy in Living: The Alkaline Way and get a free 15-day pH test kit.

ACAM – Nov 12 – 15, 2015

Predictive Biomarkers: Implementing the New Standard in Evidence-based Personalized Medicine

Full Day Workshop

Thursday, Nov 12, 2015, Red Rock Resort, Las Vegas, NV

ACAM invites you to attend this new and exciting workshop with Dr. Russell Jaffe. By the end of this workshop, attendees will know what predictive biomarkers are and how to use them in practice, understand the difference between standard tests and functional predictive tests, identifying associated epigenetic risks, and more. VIEW DETAILED DESCRIPTION



Lecture on Functional Immunology

drjaffe2_223x294ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies founder, Dr. Russell Jaffe, recently lectured on the topic of functional immunology to students of National University of Health Sciences.  Joined by former NUHS faculty Dr. Erica Mennerik, the two presented the foundations and practical applications of functional immunology, including numerous case reports documenting success in removing obstacles to repair and evoking the healing response.  Read more


Click here to read more about clinical success with LRA tests and treatment plan.

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