PERQUE C-Calibration Protocol

Start the C-Cleanse

First thing in the morning on an empty stomach.*

*Make sure you have the whole day to finish the cleanse.

How Much C-Powder*

Into 4-6 ounces of water at room temperature

Healthy Person – ½ teaspoon

Moderately Healthy Person- 1 teaspoon

Ill Health Person – 2 teaspoons

Allow bubbling to stop before drinking.

*If after four doses there is no gurgling or rumbling in the gut, you should double the initial dosage and continue every 15 minutes.

Time to Drink

Drink the solution every 15 minutes.

Time to Record

Count and Record each dosage.

Your Stool

*Do NOT stop at loose stool.

Continue until you have reached a watery stool or an enema-like evacuation of liquid.*


Many people report a sense of improved well-being after the completion of a C-Cleanse. As toxins are eliminated from the body and as it is energized through the action of the C-Cleanse, you should feel progressively better for longer periods of time.

Repeat the C-Cleanse

Recommended – 1 time per week.*

Repair deficits increase ascorbate need over time until a consistent dose of vitamin C is maintained.

*Discuss with your practitioner the right frequency for you.

Click here for more information and detailed protocol.