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Lecture on Functional Immunology

drjaffe2_223x294ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies founder, Dr. Russell Jaffe, recently lectured on the topic of functional immunology to students of National University of Health Sciences.  Joined by former NUHS faculty Dr. Erica Mennerik, the two presented the foundations and practical applications of functional immunology, including numerous case reports documenting success in removing obstacles to repair and evoking the healing response.  Read more


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Immune Defense and Repair Systems in Biologic Medicine I:

Clinical relevance of biological response modifiers in autoimmunity.

Diagnosis, treatment, tests and interpretation.

By Russell Jaffe, MD, Ph.D.,CCN

A common clinical assumption is that homeostatic mechanisms and immune defense and repair reserves are intact or can be spontaneously restored. This is not the case in autoimmune illnesses where homeostasis and immune defenses have been disrupted as marked by intracellular acidosis, impaired electron transport, and depletion of biochemical cofactors, often concurrently present. The cases and consequences for this are addressed in this article with emphasis on differential diagnosis and recent advances in laboratory testing.  Read more



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